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Cypriot Passport (Cyprus Citizenship) / EU Passport (EU Citizenship)


Obtain a Cypriot Passport through the purchase of Real Estate from Texnodomi Property Developers, and enjoy the benefits of being an EU citizen.


Main Benefits:

time  FAST TRACK PROCESS – In Just 3 Months!

residency  PROPERTY INVESTMENT – Reduced to € 2 Million

travel  VISA FREE TRAVEL – 158 Countries

family  FAMILY – Spouse, dependents up to age 28, plus parents of the applicant

dual  DUAL CITIZENSHIP – Permitted



exit  EXIT STRATEGY – 3 Years

eligibility  ELIGIBILITY – All Nationalities.


By a decision approved by the Council of Ministers of Cyprus on 13th September 2016, the Scheme for Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception was amended, pursuant to section 111A (2) of the Civil Registry Laws 2002-2015. Investors (Non-Cypriot citizens) can now apply for Cyprus Citizenship by making a stand-alone application (the previous ‘collective investments’ application has been abolished). Also, the total investment required is reduced to € 2 Million. For updated detailed information please visit Government site, please click here.


Please click here to view some of our properties which are qualified for EU Passport/Cyprus citizenship: 




New Criteria for Cyprus Passport:

  1. For Individuals who wish to buy only 1 single residential property, then:
    Then they can invest only 2.0m Euro and get their passport.
  2. However, if individuals do not want to buy only 1 single residential property, then:
    The amount needed for obtaining the passport is 2.0m Euro invested in Residential and /or Commercial Properties. For commercial investments, an additional 500.000 Euro for a residential property is also needed. The investment of 2.0m Euro should be kept for 3 years only and after this period the investor can sell the investment. The only requirement after the 3rdyear is to maintain a residential property of minimum value 500.000 euro.
  3. Other Information:
    The passport scheme covers the applicant and family
  • Approval within 3 months under fast track procedure
  • Freedom to live, travel, invest, work, study anywhere in the EU
  • Benefit from the legal rights and privileges of natural born EU citizens
  • No Residing or Language Requirement
  • Travel to over 160+ countries without a visa
  • Children up to the age of 28 may also be eligible
  • The parents of the investor may also obtain the citizenship with an extra residential property of 500.000 euro.

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