About Texnodomi


ANJ Technodomi


TEXNODOMI was successfully established in the early 1980s, as a family business with the firm commitment to provide attractive residential and holiday homes with complete reliability.

Even the title Texnodomi means something to us. It originates for the Greek language and it is two words spelt as one, Texno which means technique, written in Greek and Domi which means build, spelt in English.

A house is only Bricks and Mortar, let Texnodomi make it a Home!

Over the years, Texnodomi has successfully completed over 450 projects for both the government and the private sector.

Today the company is a dynamic, innovative development company in Cyprus which specializes all around the Pafos area, offering a wide range of beautifully designed projects.

Why are we different? Our Exclusiveness and Uniqueness.

The Company has a dynamic and innovative attitude which attracts its customs from all over. In this manner the Company has been able to successfully provide attractive residential and holiday homes to many local and overseas Customers leaving them with complete reliability.  We offer a wide range of beautifully homes which are designed to a sympathetic style to reflect the best traditional village & modern architecture with the 21stcentury amnesties.

We also provided an excellent after-sales services, property management and easy payment facilities.

The company’s professionalism, expertise and foresight are three important factors which have allowed Texnodomi to become a member in the developing market with a broad spectrum of activities. The Company also has a team of professional administrative staff, skilled tradesmen and highly qualified engineering specialists, who together provide a high level of service to all types of customers.

We help clients settle into the excellent quality of life Cyprus offers by ensuring good relations both during and after the construction of their property.

ANJ Texnodomi offers you deluxe and outstanding projects located in the tranquil and traditional villages in the Pafos area. Some Properties are just a “stone throw” from the beautiful un-spoilt sandy beaches of the area offering a miraculous view of the Mediterranean Sea, and others with the most un-spoilt natural country side.

Always a Pioneer, ANJ Texnodomi

Our reputation is built on our firm commitment to provide quality and service.

Our policy is to keep our customers happy,

You dream, We build, Together we make the dream come True